For those limiting their intake of animal fats, the pecan offers an ideal substitute.  Pecan oils contain ample amounts of natural, unprocessed, unsaturated fatty acids with only a small amount of saturated fatty acids.

Pecans have a high content of oleic acid, which is a monounsaturated fatty acid containing one double bond.  Until recently, it was believed that monounsaturated had no effect on coronary illness one way or the other.  But scientists have found that they may reduce blood levels of the "bad" LDL-cholesterol that promotes arteriosclerosis while keeping constant the levels of "good" HDL - cholesterol, the kind that helps protect against heart disease.

The pecan is a natural, high quality food that is wholesome, healthful and delicious:

        low in sodium

        contains no cholesterol

        high in protein and unsaturated fats

 This information was prepared by The National Pecan Sheller's Association

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Nutritional Information


Nutritional Information